How Can I Hear the Voice of God? 

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How Can I Hear the Voice of God? Answers and Forty Day Study Guide is Mark Craythorn's second book. The first half answers the questions that most of us ask about how to hear the voice of God and the second half makes it practical for you. The Forty Day devotional in the book has two to three pages per day that you can apply to learn how to hear God's voice for yourself, or if you already hear God's voice this guide can assist you to hear Him even more clearly.


God and Email - Real Life Encounters With God, is Mark's first book. It is full of evidence and unmistakable proof that God does speak to us today. It also provides practical examples of the ways in which God speaks to us. Our God is much more interested in us than we might expect. He is talking to us all the time. Will you take the time to learn how to hear His Voice?



- Why have I never heard anyone say that God talks to people today?
- Why have I never heard the voice of God?

- Do you actually hear an audible voice?

- What does this voice sound like?
- How do I know that this is really God talking to me?
- How can I learn to hear God talk to me?


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A personal story…

While on a plane trip from London, England to Dallas Texas, I sat next to a young lady in her early twenties. She was from Sacramento, California and we began to exchange a few words. I asked her what she was doing in London and she explained that she was a student. She had spent three months there and was going home to visit her family.

I also discovered that she had had a roommate in London that had got on her nerves more and more while she was living there. She was leaving London and she was glad to see the end of her. She asked me whether I was married, whether I had children, where I lived. There was polite conversation for a while, until after a while, we lapsed into silence for the ten hour flight ahead.

About three hours into the flight I was sitting quietly, reading my Bible, when God impressed the name Gillian on my mind and I felt that He wanted me to ask her about her.

“I can’t do that”, I thought.

“Ask her”, said God more firmly this time (you see God is patient).

“I can’t do that - she will think that I’m crazy”, I responded.

“Ask her”, said God more firmly this time.

I gritted my teeth and turned to her: “Tell me about Gillian”, I said.

As it turned God had given me the name of her roommate in London that had got on her nerves!

For the rest of the flight I had a captive audience as I shared with her the power of the Holy Spirit and what it means to know Jesus Christ.


So how does this work? It is really quite simple…



In Mission to Cape Town - Testimony of our work with AIDS victims in Africa you can read the inspirational real life account of how one man responded to the call of God; and in doing so, you will be challenged in your faith to rise to the calling that God has on your life.


Bill Kapinga's personal story: “You can do something about the plight of all these less fortunate children,” I could hear the voice of the Lord urging me each time I came across some street kids. Before we knew it, Thelma and I were selling our household goods, cleaning our savings, leaving our home and taking a plunge into the unknown – much to the chagrin of our family and friends! After three months of discipleship training in South Africa, God would reveal to us the purposes and plans He had for us – to be parental figure-heads to a number of children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in our community. The journey has been an arduous one; on our own strength, we would have probably faltered along the way and thrown in the towel when the heat got too hot for us! But we thank God for His goodness and everlasting mercies – He continuously filled our tanks with sufficient faith, hope and perseverance to enable us get where we are today. This is our testimony: Mission to Cape Town - Testimony of our Work with AIDS Victims in Africa.


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